Thursday, June 28, 2007

Time with Mommy and Yes to Party

Huray mom is back and I spend the entire night shopping, eating and chatting with her. I miss our daily '3 hours'. Hahaha. Nikko knows what I meant! ;) Is just so fun getting to do the mother-daughter stuff all over again!

Oh ya you all have to leave a name or at least a way I could identify who is that, if not no way I could know who's anonymous on comments! ;)

Anyway, yes JennJenn –IS GOING to the party! *Grin* Found a new dress – so YES I got something to wear! I love it! Mom and Sister love it! Is now hanging in my bedroom! *Big Smile* and mom got me a lovely pair of new shows (k Marvin you are right and sharp - SHOE not Shows) to go with *Sweet*! And of course ‘The Penang Most Eligible Bachelor’ agrees to be my partner for the night ‘In Principle Right?’ Well, ‘In Principle’ Ch’ng will admit you into the ballroom. But then, I shall go with you tomorrow ‘In Principle’ ONLY if you show up with flowers! Hahaha! Just kidding!

Best news – JoJo’s going to be my jewellery designer. Yes even at the very last minute! How sweet is my sister! *Applaud* - for the very best and creative jewellery designer in town!

Perfect - now I get to feel like Cinderella! *wink**wink*

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Most Glamorous Party in Town

Most Glamorous Party in Town

I received an invitation for the most glamorous party in town this morning and guess what I need to find someone to go with in 5 mins! All that Ch’ng’s fault ler! Hahaha! Okie okie.. he is sweet enough to notice I am not there in the list and call to make sure I am not missed out and then let me bring a partner along for his super expensive and famous party. How to find such a wonderful friend right? :)

Partner… Dresses… Do I wanna go?

This week

Just finished reading: Dr John F Demartini's The Heart of Love ( Sweet & downright truthful and realistic)
Currently Reading: STARDARD OPERATING PROCUDURES of different nations (ya that is what I see, eat and sleep everyday this week) & Jared Diamond's Collapse (very very mind opening)

Just watched: Shrek 3 (Many says it isn't good but I love it. Has a special meaning for me and just laughing at the jokes itself its worth it. What more I had great company. *wink* I'll try to write my view - 'try' - if I can finish my workload)
Want to watch: Ocean 13 [Still waiting cos you all only want to watch transformers :( ]

Just listened: Edwin McCain - I could not ask for more
Now listening: Stacey Kent - You've got a friend (Addicted)

Grace : Joanne watch - 200 Pounds Beauty (K) - twice! ;) hahaha Truly good!

My week started superb - cos how much does is cost for me to walk into office on monday morning and discovered a box of beautifully wrap with ribbons - REAL BELGIAN chocolates - on the table.

Answer: Priceless!

BTW Monday Lunch - Bunnie is guilty so is Excalibur Ho - sigh - friends!! Btw, TNT is also a type of chemical reaction! *wink**wink*

LOL... mom and Jojo's coming back tonight. Great, can't wait... I meant great mom is coming back. Er Jojo... I am not too sure... hehehe.. maybe Huijing is.. me.. ok I try to be! hehehe Love you sis - welcome home!

Sunday, June 24, 2007

Sunshine's Blog

You wrote!! You wrote!! Huray!! :)


You sms: Dinner I had Jap, Ice Cream Gelare and now Tea Halia!

See bet you going to have Japanese in less than a month d!! Knew you can't survive without fine food one ler dear.. :) hahaha!

*Just me loving the fact I am RIGHT*

p/s: Broken the record of your drinking d? Don't fool them okie... ;)


Got lots to do this weekend - got a dateline tomoro and still lots of documents to read. So won't get to blog the things I want to say...

Outstanding Blog
1. What makes 26 years worth celebrating
2. For the record : (a) Robin & Eleena's Hutang Lists - (b)Ignore delisted and forgiven
3. Wii Night out!
4. LK's wedding pictures - can't decide jetpower, picasa and flick or something - Bless Me!
5. In My Country - the movie!

Lunch-ing with the 'African Bunny' and gang tomoro.. I am still highly suspicious what trick they going to pull this time. Still is going to be lunch full of laughters.

Friday, June 22, 2007

A Night About Beauty and Love

Such a wonderful night out.. but am so tired and sleepy I need to zzz.. will write tomoro. My sleeping partner is barking at me d.... hehehe.. JoJo not in.. I get OREO all to myself!! Night and out!

Thursday, June 21, 2007

Robin & Eleena Hutang List

Aeroplane King and Queen -

Robin Hutang List

1. Lifetime supply of tea latte at coffee bean - redeemable at anytime

2. Lifetime supply of meals - redeemable at anytime

3. Alaska trip - if photos turn out badly - so means boh liau lor?

4. Australia Trip - Sand Sand on Melbourne Beach

5. Fishing Trip

6. Golfing

7. (3) Meals at Feringghi Grill

8. (1) Song on the Guitar - sheess.. now I gotto go thru the email to get the song title!

Eleena Hutang List( credit-able to Mr Chew Hunt Sun's Account)

1. (1) Japanese Meal

2. (1) Meal at Feringghi Grill

3. Big Birthday Present

4. (1) or (2) God Child/Children

5. (1) trip to Mauritius? Mana?

6. (1) Aunty cooked laksa

Good food, Beautiful Music, Great Company

Today is F-A-N-T-A-S-T-I-C!

I did my usual round at the Marina - I was hiding at HaiNan Town - scare incase Captain still wants to throw me into the sea. *wink**wink* [Note: in very cheeky mood today and probably a little drunk from the wine, if I don't make it to work tomoro you know is your fault my dear!]

Anyway anyway, had lunch at KIRISHIMA.. *huray* make up for yesterday's lost - and better still in the company of [usually Nikko the very Fun and Cheerful] but I experience a different Nikko Probably Nikko the little Stressful and Hungry! Of course, lucky me there is Ivy to save the day. I got to say the food choice today is –YUMMY!! I love the pork she did… so so so nice! *salivating* Helps to elevate his mood! ;) Of course, you are a little quiet then usual – okie a lot more quiet but still was great company. I mean who else would listen to all my ‘moh lui’ ideas and then say ‘Jenn, finish one thing not start’ Yes Boss!! Yes Boss!! Still they are two great ideas right? Tempting, tempting! Hehehe! Still thinking of the pork… so good!

Return to office – HURAY boss just gave me a new assignment! He scare I bored! Hehehe.. a lot - a lot - a lot to read and do but something I truly enjoy doing thot! I guess is going to be a lot of staying up till wee mornings to finish still.

Had a truly interesting dinner date at Bagan tonight. ;) Well I am going to keep this bit to myself … still I should not have that calamari becos I am so full now. That Belgian Truffles Cake is ‘wicked’ in every sense. Hehehe. Well my only regret - you totally melt a box of REAL Belgian chocolate and then you forgot my Swiss chocolate. Hehehe! Anyway, thank you for a wonderful night and yes you still have to change my mind, good luck – note 21st June 2007!

Ok… going to hit the sack. Nikko’s word “ Jenn, sleeping at 2am is NOT going to get you up at 7am. It does not work.” How he knows? Of course, he sleeps at that time! Hehehehe! *wink**wink*

Looking forward to tomorrow night – I got a dinner date with Penang Most Eligible Bachelor, hehehe… right Mr.K? Thanks to my sister!! I still can’t find a gown to wear – sigh!

Btw btw, I manage to mix a very beautiful shade of lipstick color I been looking for today – Yen Wei – I still like that Channel color u have! Baby Grace and Yen Wei can you both come back quick – I need my consultants home – am little bored with the colors I have d. What’s in? What’s new? Update update!

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

What a day

8am - What’s like woken up by a phone call of an angry man shouting on the other side? Well… that is what happen to me this morning – er.. poor thing that man? Cos I am not awake enough to understand what he is trying to say to me before he slams the phone. I must really still be floating plus the fact I am under the influence of ‘medication’. Poor Captain.. he must really be having a bad morning. Thot I got to say the whole event turn out to be pretty humorous for me!

Mhm.. anyway, is rather a S-L-O-W day for me, minus the fact that someone is so

to call and say

“Jenn, u going to the marina today, what about a drink at the Marina?”
"No No.. Captain won’t like to see me in the Marina.. not today and I don’t want to be throw into the sea. No thank you!"
*Noise* "Btw, oh am having a leg massage right now"

Can u believe it… all these “Anak Boss”, “Anak Dato’” and “Cucu Datuk” sigh…. I do have a job to keep my dear.. now you know why you were ‘/ignored’ for the rest of the day? Just kidding. I was busy when you called later.

Just as I finish my lunch, was settling down to work, my mobile rings – on screen *Daddy Darling* - “Ah Girl, we going to have lunch in Kirishima with Uncle John you wanna come?” OF COURSE I do… but … but… I just had my lunch… and I DO HAVE A JOB TO KEEP…arrrggghhh….I cannot take it anymore!

Thank God for dinner with Joanne and Jay – we went thru the 5000 pictures of Alaska. Have you tried to be the last customers at Chili’s to leave? That’s us *bow*. If you want to experience it, just loan my 5000 pictures and go have dinner there. Hehehe! Anyway, going thru the pictures make me float all over again. Quote Jay “If the lights in this restaurant blows out you still be glowing”. Joanne agrees, she says this is the best time to ‘tembak’ me of anything cos either slow response or no response. Of the fact that I was so cold and still sick...

Of course, then Robin and Eleena put me on aeroplane that night so does MalMal and PeiLing. I don't want to go thru the pictures again and again ...Sigh.. MalMal is busy writing on his new topic ‘Blogging Tips 101’. He is so smart that for the whole afternoon he has manage to come out with this..

Blogging 101 Tips
1. Learn how to type.

And the fact that he has to do audit EARLY tomorrow morning, which PeiLing and I knew is a complete waste of time.. come on you don’t have to audit MalMal to know the fact that he won’t pass the quality test! Ooppsss… hahaha! Just kidding Mal. Just following my own tips of ‘Blogging Tips 101’ – choose a subject, tembak – my choice MalMal! Please don’t misunderstand, there is always this love-hate relationship going on for me and MalMal since we belong to the square group ie. JenJen, MeiMei, DanDan ;)

Anyway I love the close of the day, Daniel’s #Summon for PK’s bachelor’s party! I read about the ‘lap-dancer’ somewhere ... Jin is so not letting PK attends his bachelor’s party. Then again… Dan is organizing.. how ‘notti’ can the bachelor’s party be? Oh no.. I forgot.. the fact that he is now a married man – did you heard those ‘hokkien’ word he uses last time in his house… hehehe… I still love you son!

Goodnight people for being in another unusual day of my life.. Let us hope Captain is not calling me again tomorrow morning. :)

Btw, Daniel's Blogging Tips 101 : Picure's magic word is PICASA!

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

For the record -

Malcolm just msn text me -

For your record Jenn : I DON'T complain about Everything!

See you start complaining d! Hehehe ~ then you complain more and then you bully me.. :~(

I am going to bed... unfair bully a sick little girl! hehehe

k k.. at least got nice sweet wishes, concern and care for the fact I am sick!

*hugs* Night night Mal2!

A little unwell

Feeling a little feverish today so I am not going to write long... need to rest.

Part of our conversation today -
You text today - So how's things going on in Pen?
I said - Pen is rainy cos sunshine is in Perth and I am a little sick
You replied - Sunny here but 5 Degrees. Damn Cold. You better take care….

You know what, I was in the Marina again today and it drizzling rain. It so cold and the berth was moving like a ship *hint**hint* I will feel exactly like I am in Alaska if I have your 5 degrees. See am still dreaming! When Captain shouted at me today I actually was not computing what he was saying at all. Poor soul! I meant he was so upset but I was just looking at him smiling and my mind was so away in Alaska. I think Shah was thinking, gosh what’s got into Jenn. Is she on weed or something. :)

Is a long day today… interesting… I got a new idea… I want to do something very interesting… sigh Nikko is going to give me that look and shake his head. Then after that long stare, I am going to pretend not knowing why and ask “What?”. Hehehe! Then he will give me one of his loving brotherly advice ‘Jenn, you just have so many things you wanna do but you not going to finish any! Start one and just stick to one!’ Oppss… ya because each time JennJenn want to learn something new Nikko Tan is going to have a lot of trouble. Lesson 101 photography, Lesson 101 Photoshop, Lesson 101 Coralsuite, Lesson 101 Server Hosting, Lesson 101 Creativity and on and on and on. Notice everything stops at 101! Hahaha! Right Sir? And yes Sir I will try to sleep early, I meant if I sleep about the time you sleep every night is consider early right? ;)

K..K.. I’ll share my ideas tomorrow night… and not bad mah… my blog already inspired our dear ‘youngman’ – little voice (I assure you thot he might be a little child-like {I used child LIKE huh*wink*} but then at times he is this very egoist, macho guy I know that is one of the best Wii players we ever seen)

MalMal yes you are also one of the person complaining about my outdated blog! But then again… nothing special cos you complain about EVERYTHING all the time one mah! Hehehe.. I can sense some more noise in my mailbox tomorrow.
Okie okie – sorry! You are this master know all Guru that I admire so much! Love your blog. Can you teach me to do the picture thing? Pretty Please!! I am going to do the link thing for the Wii Entry tomorrow.

Gotto go sleep now…tired and sick… I promise someone I will eat the medicine he brought for me and for the record I did dear – this morning and before I go to bed now. Hopefully I wake up feeling better tomorrow. :)

Monday, June 18, 2007

On Saturdays -

How do I spend my weekends?

This is a question I get from a lot of people. Well I don't know, Penang is not excactly a place for it. Okie okie... I'll not start.. but this is what I do for fun most of the time - let the picture tells!

So ya right... during my Saturday I have the joy of - okie let me choose my words -
Looking, supervising, managing, advising, playing, criticizing, disturbing
JOJO’s marketing strategy meeting! ;) Where? At moi's second home of course!

It’s just out of fun – but wanted you guys to know you all did a great job with those ideas and books. I love it! Terence how come in Acknowledgement above Photographer don’t have Advisor: Jenn Lim one? ;) hehehe! Check this out :

Well Adam.. Adam.. you are indeed one of a kind! I don’t know… but I am still applying to be your manager and market you for ads! You are indeed a na-tu-rel!
I love his analogy on his relationships with ‘we-know-who’ and you certainly make me laugh and filled my Saturday with your humor.

Dawn – you look beautiful! Tired of people saying that to you d? hahaha… still my dear – yes you are that natural beauty, sweet and stunning.

JoJo, my dearest – what to say – I am very proud of you. I can see the effort and creativity you put into the business all these months. I admire the way you think and talk – you proven your ideas and capabilities. What more can a sister ask – ah yes – a raise in my salary? Hahaha! Kidding! Congratulations is such a job well done!

Terence you going to deserve a whole entry by yourself after the transformation work you’ve done to your student. Hehehe! Anyway I have got more good news for you.. lets share it over our dinner this week. :)
p/s: Nikko just send me this site - so cool - can JoJo come out with something like that ah?

What Makes Me - Happy, Hyper and High!

What makes a happy, hyper and high JennJenn? Here comes the discovery -

I wake up early this morning to get to work - little restless and sleepy - hehehe

Monday blues was still on me...and then my phone sms beep *nokia tune* ah.. was the continuation of the sms battle last night that reads and “invitation for Pangkok Laut with Spa and Massage as a treat”. Sigh, my dear… you really don’t really realize I have a job to keep huh? :) hahaha

Concentrate Jenn Concentrate – with a Capital C –

Then my email beep *you ve got mail* ah... my friend from San Francisco emailed me – it reads Subject: ‘European Trip’ and part of the email read “Well GREECE, …tell me whether you are game for that. Sometime at the end of June or July should be a good time for us to go. We better finalize by Jan’08…if you invite one more friend …”

*Jenn you need to read, understand, comprehend the contract* ;)

As I did that – a man walks in – and says ‘Ms Jennifer? X asks me to deliver this to you… and guess what - It a large cup of tea latte from Coffee Bean – gosh with a message written on the coffee bean napkin. Hahaha! How sweet. How original. I was grinning crazy and not knowing how to react. Thank you so much my dear you don’t know how much it makes me day. It certainly keeps me as hyper as you are the whole day. Well it makes me double happy with double vanila ceylon. You know what makes me triple happy? Tomorrow instead of your driver/office boy sending latte- you can send your PA over and do my work and then I’ll go have tea latte with you. You won’t complain I won’t have tea with you then. Hahaha.. and yes very likely you going to answer me the same thing you said to me the last time – you can’t send your PA over because you needed her to finish your work so that you can go and buy tea. :) and I still do have a job to keep *wink**wink*

Then I headed down the Marina to do some work and Wendy called to wish – "Jenn Happy Belated Birthday". Yes Yes Yes... she knew she’s in trouble for forgetting, right dear? Hahaha… k.. k.. you are forgiven! Anyway she says – I am moving to Jakarta in January so please come stay with me and spend some time. Ah.. Another holiday invitation!

End up having lunch in Kirishima (ya again) with an aunty who says – Jenn you want to go to Mauritius; I still have got my time sharing portion in a hotel I bought, let me take you along. OH MY GOD!! Of course I do.. hehehe!

Jenn’s Prayer -
Dear God, are you sending me a sign that I need another vacation? Or are you testing me to see if I give in to all these seduction of holidays. Well you know me… I’ll give in! ;) hahaha…Greece… Jakarta… Mauritius… I am coming!

And therefore I am still hyper, super happy and excited from the first day of my week. What makes JennJenn happy, hyper and high? Tea latte from coffee bean and a list of vacation invitations! Okie – Tea Latte! :) I am still grinning ;)

Sunday, June 17, 2007

End of a Sweet Week.. Weekend

Just finished reading: Paulo Coelho's The Witch of Portobello
Currently Reading: Jared Diamond's Collapse and Dr John F Demartini's The Heart of Love

Just watched: 200 Pounds Beauty (K) - Grace's genius recommendation & Pirates of the Carribbean
Want to watch: Shrek 3 & Ocean 13 (Grace Grace when you coming back?)

Just listened: Edwin McCain - I could not ask for more
Now listening: Stacey Kent - You've got a friend

So this week is done ... another amazing week of my life... is really a quiet weekend for me... so glad. Yes quiet weekend comes rare for moi! :) At least is a lot of things cleared and done - all emails communication replied (sorry guys I knew the mails was sitting there a long long time), I renew this blog and fill it up a little, manage to edit my Canada/Alaska picture from 5000-3000 (what an achievement), spending lots of time with Dad and Mom also had a lot of time for follow up reading!!

Only regret to is miss Wii Gathering this week @ Dan's. Next week is in my house guys! Lets get some Wii action!! hahaha...


Pictures, pictures, pictures.... the girls and Terence is so going to kill me! *blek*

Honor Thy Father!

"The word 'Thanks' seems inadequate for someone who contributed so much to molding my character and shaping my future " ~ Joseph E. Falkner

Today is Father's Day... how is best to celebrate Father's day? Is to have 3 nights celebration with good food, in the loving company of the world best fathers! :) To sit, listen and see the world through their eyes for once.

First night was my birthday dinner celebration actually, but these 3 wonderful goddads walk in and smiling happily - what’s the occasion? Are we celebrating an early Father’s Day? :) How lovely when the look of regret and guilt filled their faces when they totally forgot that it is your birthday and the effort they take to ‘secretly’ and ‘industriously’ get you an ‘ang pow’ is just pure joy to my heart.

Of course the 2nd night was the official father’s day celebration on the Father’s day eve with the children in the ‘father’s choice’ Chinese restaurant. Ending with the hang out at moi’s house because they insisted of watching ‘Winners’ (is that OLD OLD BAND) the Hong Kong band playing on AEC’s Taiwanese Award while complimenting which current female singer is prettier. Of course they conclude the night by challenging each other to Wii – my latest gift for my dad n mom – yes yes from Daniel’s kind recommendation ( he keep reminding me that! Okie okie.. next Wii Gathering my house)

And then today – of course the Actual father’s day – they proven themselves ‘filial father’ as they give in to their children’s choice of Japanese Food at the infamous Kirishima. Lol – is truly amazing to see the extend they love us their children – clearly just by the choice of food they eat. They don’t even like Japanese Food… hahahaa.. :) and then we ended up in Haagen Daaz for ice cream daddy will scream paying more than RM6 for each scope!! hahaha!! Fathers!!

Anyway for my dad, to me the greatest dad in the world – high in demand of many! :) Happy Father’s Day – I LOVE YOU MORE THAN WORDS CAN SAY.
p/s: Grace am so tempted to put the picture of your dad in taken in Bayview earlier this year. haha.. but I am going to get killed if I do that :)

The Song Dedication: You've Got A Friend

The song that was playing while the plane fly across and I thot it just timely even thot you prefer the song that was playing before that :) Got to thank Ah Teik for sending the cd to me just that very night! Is still playing for me everyday now.. :)

You've Got A Friend

When you're down and troubled and you need a helping hand
and nothing, whoa, nothing is going right.
Close your eyes and think of me and soon I will be there
to brighten up even your darkest nights.

You just call out my name, and you know where ever I am
I'll come running to see you again.
Winter, spring, summer, or fall, all you have to do is call and I'll be there, yeah, yeah,
you've got a friend.

If the sky above you should turn dark and full of clouds
and that old north wind should begin to blow,
keep your head together and call my name out loud.
Soon you hear me knocking upon your door.
You just call out my name, and you know where ever I am
I'll come running to see you again.
Winter, spring, summer, or fall, all you have to do is call and I'll be there.

Hey, ain't it good to know that you've got a friend? People can be so cold.
They'll hurt you and desert you. Well, they'll take your soul if you let them,
oh yeah, but don't you let them.

You just call out my name, and you know where ever I am
I'll come running to see you again.
Winter, spring, summer, or fall, all you have to do is call, Lord, I'll be there,
yeah, yeah, you've got a friend. You've got a friend.

Ain't it good to know you've got a friend. Ain't it good to know you've got a friend.
Oh, yeah, yeah, you've got a friend.

Saturday, June 16, 2007

A Promise

I know I know... its a little more than delayed.... but still a promise is a promise therefore it must be kept..

Part of this writings as abstracted from Jenn’s Journal Entry #*** -
On board HongKong-Vancouver - May 2007

Is a quiet, uneventful early morning and I am on my way to Canada. Only hustle bustle was at the airport but all events are kind of deaf to my ears. Probably becos I was sleepy from the night of staying up. ;) I told myself as usual I can sleep on the plane. Furthermore I can't contain all the excitment I feel in myself... finally I am making it to Canada and Alaska - the last frotier on earth. :) At the same time I can't help it.. to feel this tingling sense of pain and regrets in my heart. The gloominess as I know when I return back to Malaysia I shall already have Hong left for Perth. It not ever going to be the same anymore for Penang without Hong Hong.

Who is Hong? Mhm for those who already know him well enough I need not elaborate further and for those who doesn’t - what a waste for not getting to know such a beautiful soul that exist in the plane on earth. Our friendship take us back to year 2002 .. faithfully on Hong’s grandma’s funeral – yes what an event to bring two people together. :) Anyway our friendship just blossom after that – from gym, to tea, to mamak, to golf, to holidays we just kept enjoying each others company. I left on 2004 for Australia and we still kept in touch. Of course there is always Hong sending me to airport, picking me up from airport when I commute in between the two countries, throwing some surprise back home visit for my parents, mamak – coffee bean hang out - fine dining – theater n shows – golf - and some crazy times in SS! Hahaha! It’s all about food, drinks and entertainment!

Of course there is a time when he did not keep his promise of coming to see me in Aussieland instead he spends some good holidays in Switzerland, Europe and Korea and show off all those beautiful fun pictures later! Then again what to do Aussie is not Europe. ;) hehehe.. [Score one]

Part of the joy we enjoy in each other’s company is of course ‘tembaklogy’ which makes more fun if Ash, PK, Eugene, Kheng Lee or Eng Leong is around becos then Hong don’t always have to be my target? Right? What to do you da only one who lets me tembak and never shoot back until recently… until recently he tembaks me more than I do d. hahaha And those things they like to do without me around and then show off all the fun times without me later.. sigh…Then again you have to have the group to be so crazy enough to drive straight to Genting after clubbing 3am at night with not prior planning or drive all the way to Melaka for daddy’s meeting and then F1 race method back to KL to make it in time for theater in Bangsar or just drive to Tambun for seafood like every other weekend? *wink**wink* all those good memories! Oh.. oh.. or you can just leave for America for 3 months without planning for soul searching –That’s the spontaneous Hong I know.
Another best part of our friendship is – Eleena Ong. My soul sister and partner in crime in making Hunt Sun’s life a little more fun than it is! Hahaha… putting me and Lena together is a very unwise decision for Hong but of course a blessing for me and Eleena. We click from the very first time we meet, of course having a common ‘target’ - "Hong" - until I ended up being Lena’s bridemaid for her wedding last year and hopefully Godma to her child – next year? *hint**hint*

When we were having lunch with my parents about 2 months ago Hong drop the news – I am leaving for Perth. Then only I realize how much it affects me for you to go. I still remember calling you one afternoon and say I realize in the morning while driving to work how much I am going to miss you while you gone. Cos there will be no more driving at night or wee hours in the morning, no one to know how to order my tea in coffee bean ( hahaha and the fact that you not going to have coffee bean there to enjoy our new favorite tea! I miss that part for you), no more amazing sound system in car that plays a selection of my favorite songs and a manual skip machine(Hong) to skip the songs that I don’t enjoy *wink**wink* and the pillows in the car. I also have to find new tea mates, new cinema mates, new theater/show mates, driving mates so susah! Hehehehe! I miss my all-in-one!

However, what is best about my best buddy here is that you truly shown me over these years of friendship what unconditional love is. You never demanded me to be different, to change or tell me what to do or what should I become – more or less. You always, ALWAYS love me for who I am. That type of faith and trust you have in me touch my heart beyond words. When I am down or sad, I only need to make a call, and you will be here with your cool car and amazing sound system (which he ‘invested’ A LOT of $$$ in) hahaha, we head to get two tropical passion tea latte – not even one word being said to each other, we just drive and drink and listen to music and then you will send me home with a big bear hug. You are always there when I am down. I came to realize this year after a soul searching journey last year that even when I was at my worse character, you were there, not judging. Where everyone else was wanting to me ‘change’ or make the ‘right’ decision you trusted me enough for me to make my choice. That trust is now I know what I been searching for. You make the space to allow me to be who I want to be. When everyone else busy throwing advice on what I should do and become - you were just there for me always as a friend.

Hong, now that you gone to away to Perth, is just ain’t the same. Yes me taking for granted the fact I always have someone to call if I am in trouble. Thot all that said, I just wanted to you know I truly appreciate our friendship. We truly two halves of a Gemini twins. :) I am very proud of you making this decision. I want you to know I know how much courage you took out to make this one step. And this time I am going to trust you like how you trusted me. I return the other day from Vancouver and for the first time I look down and saw the street we stop by the last night watching the planes flew by. I knew I am returning to a Penang without you in it yet am happy you are doing so well in Perth. I am just happy.. happy for you.

This blog is a special dedication to ... Mr Bill Cheah GH

To you.......

Just got off the phone with you dear… sigh.. now I don’t know how.. to miss Alaska more or you more…hehehe.. after talking all about Alaska and my trip. ;) Er…er… I miss… A…A… of course I miss Ah Hong Hong more! ;)

I been cracking head to find a gift for you for your birthday .. promise I did I shop the whole Gurney Plaza wanting to find something of significant.. I guess I failed. Penang is just not the place huh? Okie okie.. kidding!

And then I receive a very special birthday present myself yesterday – indeed the most special birthday present this year from a very wonderful friend.

“A gift of ‘Nothing’ for a person who has Everything.”

Mhm… apparently a gift of Nothing can be brought from Bangkok right? ;)

So at night with a cuppa tea I slowly recalled of all my trips to Bangkok.. I don’t remember ‘Nothing’ was sold there as I always have Something to buy.

Then I began to relax… slowly thots began to leave me one by one… until I have Nothing in my mind... I tried to contain Nothing to give to you… but thus it’s truly difficult. So I fell asleep.

When I woke up this morning.. I don’t remember Anything… except of course it’s your birthday and I still have Nothing to give to you.

So my dearest Hong, I still have Nothing to give … only this little part of me that shall always be with you… This blog as a special dedication to you on your birthday, (as a promise I shall write before you leave, a little later but now more meaningful right? *wink**wink*) –

For my best friend, my twin –

Many Happy Returns of the Day. May you continue to be blessed with the unconditional love you been giving. May you continue to shine like the lights you always shone on me. For you know, no star glows if the sun refuse to shine and yet no one can see the star if the sun continue to shine all the time and you my darling knows the difference. You shall always be the sunshine of my life!

Your little star



1. to begin or take up again, as an acquaintance, a conversation

2. to make, say, or do again

3. to revive; reestablish

4. to recover

5. to begin again; recommence.

This blog starts last year with a purpose, now no longer in line with my life, with that same intention and a different goal I am renewing this blog... therefore I kept only the first two entries as memory and erase the rest..

With this, just like my life, let this blog begins A NEW....