Thursday, November 30, 2006

The start of the journey of getting to know myself

I have decided to start blogging again... this time with my inner identity as I start this process of getting to know myself.

Last week I started the concentration meditation on one task excercise that my mentor gave me. I notice how much I have improve in one week. I notice I woke up with some jumble thots in my mind, when I brush my teeth I usually starts from my left outer teeth. Last time I cannot even be bothered. Today I notice if I wash my face I start with right side then I slowly venture the wash all over my face instead of just rubbing it all over and splashing water all over it later. I am no longer in a rushing mind to finish an activity even an activity I first deem as simple as washing my wash. I did that when I start to take my bath too. I become more aware of myself.

I also started my first walk, was not too bad for me, I can concentrate for a period of time before this idea of a blog came to me. I still keep concentrating with faster steps and kept walking.... interesting I'll see how I do tomoro.