Wednesday, October 17, 2007

The Long Pause

August 20 - last entry "True Love". Almost 2 months now - time really just fly - a good friend made a comment over lunch yesterday - "Mhm Jenn I notice your blog stopped at True Love - have you stop writing because you found your True Love?" *Laughs* This is the very question I am struck for weeks now that I have no answer to that question - probably like most people I am still learning to decipher myself. Life is becoming more and more interesting to me. I wrote a lot about 'love' - and somehow or other my love life became an interesting topic - or rather at my age it becomes everyone 'concern' topic for 'my best interest' *wink* Well so lets keep this part of my life mysterious for a little while more.

And the real reason for not writing for so long – really was merely the fact that I was not in the Country for the past few weeks. My traveling schedule for the last two months was like that

Singapore – Vietnam – KL – Melbourne – Brisbane – Gold Coast – Hong Kong – Macau – next Singapore

I’ll open a travel diary soon – soon enough when/if I settle down. Hahaha!

So if I don’t write about love, poetry, travels – what is there interesting enough to write?

Maybe I can start writing about food – was in Ferringhi Grill tonight – not the best time to be there – for my personal reason but still the Oyster Galore is now on- yummy – will want to do that – maybe next week. B-O-R-I-N-G

Maybe about work – mhm… nah… inspiration – here is something heartfelt for me for the past few nights -

Best Friends

Something caught my heart and soul these few days – something worthwhile to be pen down in words and recorded in my heart.

Godma is in the hospital – just finished with her by-pass surgery. She did very well and is recovering much better than expected. Is a blessing and for that I am very thankful. Yet was touching for me in a very special way that her best friend Aunty June was there sleeping in the hospital the night before the operation just being there for her. The gesture was very heart warming. They are 60ish and yet their friendship remains.

When I return home – I was stunt once again by this very moment – my mom and her best friend who is visiting from outstation sitting/laying so comfortable with one another in my living room watching movie. That instant itself – that very moment – at that perspective is a very joyful moment to savor. I stood that for a moment watching both of them – and a tear actually drop of my eyes for that moment is such a touching moment. When I return to my room for my aromatherapy – I spend the 2 luxurious hours reflecting of each of my best friend – and all my memories I gather, collected and shared with each of them.

‘Lucky’ – is what I have been my whole life. If people are thankful to be blessed by a good friend, a best friend I am very very super multiple extra lucky to be blessed with SIX best friends – each of them entering my life at a different stage and since then never left.

Of course Vae was the first to come in mind – the fact that we just spend some time together in HongKong last week. Our friendship started back in high school from a sleep over party at my house for New Year. Is like a romance itself that we stayed up all night talking till wee hours in the morning and ended up watching sunrise together on the 1st of January 1996. Vae is one of the strongest and toughest girl in the group. Is always to her I look for strength. She been there through the lowest point of my life – nurturing me to every bit I had left. Now that she has found happiness I am truly happy for her. Not only happy but very very very proud. Darling, this trip to HK you make me realize how much we both have grown – how much we both have been in each other’s life (btw I was there FIRST- *wink**wink*) - how much this friendship extend the love that is unconditional. However this trip is when I see how much you have grown wiser and for whatever choice you make –I’ll always be there.

Then of course comes Joanne – another high school best friend – our friendship happened in the weirdest way ever – becos we are actually classmates since primary school – however our friendship has always been a competitive one because we always one to out do each other in studies. However don’t get me wrong – being competitive does not make us enemy but best of friends. It does not stop us from doing what all students do – copy each other’s homework, exchange notes, studying together, doing projects together – however we still love to out do each other in studies. Hahaha! And Joanne is an exemplar of a role model for independence, leadership and beauty. She is the every guy dream girl. *wink* and if anyone thinks beauty without brains – I’ll advise you – don’t challenge this girl. Not ‘my Joanne’. Haha. So because she is always so smart, Joanne ends up my life counselor/consultant most of the time. Listening to me through and giving the most rational advice of all time.

The come my most organized, meticulous and fashionable Yen Wei. The only one who is earning British pound and could effort LV, Gucci, Bally present for her best friend here who is still earning Ringgit. Lol. Is my favorite joke with her. We met back in college day – first day of college – over a bowl of tomyam noddle at Penang Bowl. I’ll never forget that very day and very sure she will not as well. Being the most organized one I obviously traveled most with her including our trip to New York last Christmas. Her organization skills are beyond what words can describe and how normal beings can comprehend. Her last sms to me was this:

“reserve ticket. date, London-Hongkong, date, Hongkong-ALS, date, Penang – Hongkong – London. U better book ticket quick. HongKong to Penang direct already full frm date to date. Only available Hongkong-KL-Penang”

This is her! :) Only this time our year end trip was suppose to meet in Shanghai why ended up Hongkong? Wei 'we gotto talk'! hahaha!

And her fashion sense and meticulous personality puts my outlook into tip top condition. While all I can say is that – can’t go out with messy hair, with no make up, with no matching dress, shoes and bags – wear a belt or a scarf if necessary and never go out without accessories. I wonder how we ever clicked. Or was it opposite attracts? Haha! Well dearest you know what – I’ll never survive to be so meticulous about my look if is not because of you. Won’t know how to appreciate the fashion sense if is not because of you. And won’t be shopping trained not because of you…. Hahaha… just kidding. (Note: I have yet to find someone with better shopping stamina then Wei *wink*) All joke aside though, she is truly an angel for she is the one that woke me up from my depression last year – the one who makes me realize how much I have in my life – and for that I will be forever thankful.

Writing about these 3 girls already gave me a sense of life satisfaction. Is almost morning now and I am really a little tired. I’ll continue about the other three later but before I go to sleep I have this image in my mind….

In 10-20-30 years to come will I be able to do what mom and Aunty GL does - lying on the sofa together watching TV with you girls. Will we be still holding hands together while we go shopping or still pick up the phone across the globe from each other and chat till wee hours in the morning like lovers? Will we be there in each other’s wedding – just like we are now in each other’s every relationship, every break up and every falling in love, looking at our children growing up and getting married themselves later, or being there for each other on challenging time such as an operation or sickness. Life is so unpredictable these days yet is my wish to God tonight that I’ll get to keep these best friends at every single stage of my life for you girls alraedy are.

I’ll leave my writing tonight with this profound thought that a very good friend shared with me few nights ago – I hope he doesn’t mind me sharing this –

We treasure not the things that is forever, that is everlasting, for this is our nature.
At times, when the good Lord takes away someone close to us, it makes us realize how fragile life really is.
That we are living on borrowed time.
Time that has little meaning to those blinded in this world of chaos.
Once in a while, when we do peer past the mist that envelopes us, we start to treasure that is all around us.
For life is too short, too fragile and too unpredictable for us to brood on negative thoughts.
Let us focus on what is at hand, the people that are around here.
For the sands of time is constantly flowing, all that’s around us shall become memories.
A ghost of the past and a part of history.
Take not for granted the very seconds that slips by us, and let not anger, hatred, deceit, jealousy prevent us from living our life.
Death to many is a thing to be feared, to me, death increase the value of all that is around us.
Loose not another minute broiling over past insults, forgive and love all that’s around us.
For one day too, we too shall be nought but a memory…

*to be continued