Friday, December 1, 2006

The Different Walk

Mhm today's day started rather interesting. I started with some audio tapes, and it reminded me that how important it is to live with our intuition and believing that is working for my highest self. That everything is happening as it should and we are not to worry because even in chaos all is good and well.

To also get rid of 'I hope' and replace with 'I wonder', to not be concern of endings but just be at the moment.

The I start my routine wash up again... this time I tried a different thing. I put my toothbrush into the right side first instead of like I use to put in the left side first. I wash my head from forehead and then to other areas instead of starting with my right cheek. :)

Then to my second day of walk - during today's walk I don't feel as peaceful as yesterday's walk. I am thinking hard instead of being there. I dun see as much insect on the floor as I notice instead I saw many more butterflies and I heard the birds and vechical driving past me. My mind also wonder of a lot...

If I am to learn from this walk - rather than labeling my self is an unsuccessful walk my insights are:

1) Don't be too hard. Don't make the walk suppose to feel a certain way just be there with the walk

2) My mind jump even to this title of the journal before I am here writing and what to write in here. My mind progess to the future than I next time should be there at my walk and be here when I write. No to write what I think of just now. :)

3)Some insect bite me during the walk - this time I give thanks! For probably I am feeding them with food and they are teaching me to be more aware of my body. LOL!

So that's for today.. :)

Thursday, November 30, 2006

The start of the journey of getting to know myself

I have decided to start blogging again... this time with my inner identity as I start this process of getting to know myself.

Last week I started the concentration meditation on one task excercise that my mentor gave me. I notice how much I have improve in one week. I notice I woke up with some jumble thots in my mind, when I brush my teeth I usually starts from my left outer teeth. Last time I cannot even be bothered. Today I notice if I wash my face I start with right side then I slowly venture the wash all over my face instead of just rubbing it all over and splashing water all over it later. I am no longer in a rushing mind to finish an activity even an activity I first deem as simple as washing my wash. I did that when I start to take my bath too. I become more aware of myself.

I also started my first walk, was not too bad for me, I can concentrate for a period of time before this idea of a blog came to me. I still keep concentrating with faster steps and kept walking.... interesting I'll see how I do tomoro.