Thursday, August 9, 2007

Little updates & some Q&A

Little updates & some Q&A –

Sunshine – We last talk when I was in Perlis, hey your dad was not there ler so don’t get to tease him about missing you. And you my dear - Cloudy weather huh? ;) Sick – poor thingy! Of course the good news you are getting to go to Queensland soon – so lucky! Better get well soon and like I say - if you need someone to take care of you - please come home - cos your mom is around! HAHAHA! Just kidding! love your site – lots of picture and stories about your new life (actually some part old – craving for Japanese or good food, CARs CARs and CARs *wink**wink*). Of course we should write on bubble milk tea vs TPTL!

MeiMei CheChe – hottest girl in SF! Blog is up – - sorry I was a little outdated – I could not access your blog earlier so I continue to leave comment msges on my own blog! Happy Belated Birthday anyway – wishing you ever lasting love, beauty and sexiness just the way you always are! ;) Iphone - so nice – I want a MAC PRO – then an Iphone to match would be just great. Hehehe.. greedy!

Milly – Oktoberfest *blink**blink* - we must do that – and it is always you and your ‘Germanese’. Ardo taking me dancing? LOL - I am stopping over Macau too. I’ll definitely have lunch with someone else, the last time I make lunch appointment with you I ended up roaming around Chung Wan alone. Oh how’s Jeremy – still in Sydney? I was browsing and I saw those pictures we took in HK last year – good memories! How’s Elsa and Paul and the dog – hehehe – tell them I miss their cooking and the turkey – LOL okie okie – I am looking/begging for an invitation to go back and celebrate Xmas in HK this year with you guys… pretty please? *wink**wink* Since Vae got a new place – I heard people’s house - resort type like – exact description of the owner herself “great view facing the mountain as if in Switzerland when the clouds cover the peak – is like living a holiday/dream home” – wahlau eh I also want to stay – I can take care of the orchids. *hint*

Another good news – someone is relocated to Shanghai and relo package include a house and chauffeur – so the fact now I got an additional home to go too with a chauffeur to drive me around – hehehe - *devious mind working* I’ll very likely fly from HongKong to Shanghai – and someone is working very hard to rearrange schedule to be in Hongkong with me! So lets party!!

JA – got your msg late last night but I was in a meeting - sowee. Been few weeks since we last talk – the last month we manage that few emails - hopefully get to talk to you soon. Update update – need to ask you a few things too… and yes I suppose I am seeing you very very very very soon!! Can’t wait so happy!


Bobo the Great Clown said...

Yeah, I think my dad did not attend the dinner at all. Not sure as I did not ask in detail about it. Yeah, I was sick because I catch a cold on sunday during practicing my golf swing at the golf course. I did very badly since I did not touch the club for almost 2 years.

I will take more pictures when I have a clearer pictures lah. All very blur using the mobile phone camera. Do not get nokia E65, the camera really sucks! :P

JennPassion said...

LOL - secretly go training that why ler. ;) I also need to go practice d - thot the last time I hold clubs was about 8-9 months ago. I can sense that it is bad!

GOLF - Miss the smell of grass - miss lying on the grass in happiness of a beautiful chip-in shot - miss a great over the water drive - miss playing on a raining day - you know what guys - miss the very moment that a birthday suprise was pulled out in the golf course with music -you guys r truly great!!

Sunshine - bring camera to work ler.. :)

*mental note - range practice next week.

Jack said...

Practice, practice. I also went to practice. Hit 200 balls the other days. 100 for driver until a skin peel off :P.