Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Full Plate

Moi and the Famous Chef!


Moi and Tj Leo President Cheng Inn

TJ Leos - ya we were drinking thanks to PP Raymond! ;) hahaha!

Union Leos - 16 - they make me feel 16! *wink*

Just finished reading: Harry Potter – Deathly Hallows, Julia Quinn

Currently Reading:(1) Kybalion(2) Entering the Castle, Caroline Myss (3) The One – Kathy Freston

Just watched:

RUSH HOUR 3 – this is pure laughters, like just so good I laugh non stop. Well to me I think there really isn’t much depth in this movie. The line’s pretty predictable and the villain easily identify from the start. Yet is a good movie for rest and relax after a long day’s work. I think this is also one of the movie that successfully insulted every nation, countries and culture they can relate to. Those jokes are funny to max that we are still laughing during supper and when we meet up again in the weekends! *cheeky smile* Fun seeing JoJo and Grace dancing after the movie – they were like so high – Jo especially – been a long time since I seen such joy in my sister!*wink**wink*

RATATOUILLE lol.. ya I know I am so lucky to be invited to attend the movie premier in KL last week – so I am not going to spoil it by blogging about the movie. Thot I have to say is a profound and powerful ‘little’ cartoon. I can just resonate so much with this cartoon. I always find cartoon with lots of life hidden meaning to it and the last cartoon I can ‘feel’ and relate so much on a mental and emotional level was the Brother Bear years ago. However for me this one is just so profound, every word heartfelt and penetrating.

Want to watch: BABEL

Just listened: Michael Buble – Call Me Irresponsible

Now listening: Andre Bocelli – Amore

This week has not been easy. No where being the usual luxury of being Jennifer Lim. *wink*wink* Been pack up with lots of work, working till late on some projects. Two companies under my direct management are moving at once securing 3 projects in a week amounting to million dollars – I am so happy and proud. As much as I am very very excited about the whole thing is somehow wearing me out a little mentally. Hehe. To top there so many new business opportunities and ideas that came along the way – faster than I can study and research upon them. ;) However it reinforces my trust on the opportunities the market has got to offer and we just need to have the open mind to explore and accept it. I wish somehow I got the resources (time, people and money) to create all these ideas to reality. It is also very inspiring to know what people are doing out there.

I am pretty impress during a family meeting recently that my dad actually said this to me and JoJo – “just do it ler we going to sell about concept only anyway” – wow my father understands about ‘concepts’ and branding – I am speechless. He does not complain about the $$$$$ we all budgeted into promotions anymore and been pretty encouraging with ‘proper branding and marketing strategy’. Even Terence was laughing in amazement when dad tries to talk about branding with him and JoJo during their usual ‘Saturday breakfast’. So anyone out there praying your parents would change – they probably will you know! Hahaha! Mine just did! *wink*

This week’s highlight of course is none other than my membership interview with PSC. However, is such a highlight that Guan Aik and I are going to just laugh ourselves out with whatever happened during that night. *wink**wink* Sorry some things are really not for public reading. Still I wanna thanks Guan Aik for being such wonderful company that night.

It was also fun attending Tanjung’s Anniversary again – think the last time I attended one was years ago before I left for Australia. Good to see some old faces and new ones as well. I somehow manage to surprise most of the uncles and aunties. The Leos were so hyper these days it is so good to be in their company again. LOL I use to think we are hyper – gosh you guys should see them. Hehe. Is nostalgic though for me to look at them. *wink**wink* You guys really rock!

Was off in KL during the weekend - it just worn me out - mentally, physically and emotionally. Yet I say is all worth it - most of all for the awareness and awakening or probably something in its surface as material as the Louis Vuitton buying experience but in it all contains much more than that - what I wanted to say - mhm - is that - that my darling my love - you are worth it - more than that LV !! *wink**wink*

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